Sunday, June 3, 2012

Trip to Perth town

So seeing it has been awhile since we had a little trip into Perth city, I got hold of three of the ratbags and caught a train into the big smoke.

So on this trip I had the great pleasure of having the older ratbags, as you can see it was Harrison, Jacko and Sarah. And in the background of the photo you can see the Green Cactus which is one of Perth's new sculptures, and it comes with a nice price tag of $1 million!!! Fairdinkum I'm not joking here. When the pollies were asked why? there answer was...'yes but the price comes with design, construction and installation!' Well thank God for that! Another nick name for it is the 'Angus Alien', but fairdinkum I reckon it would look better at a McDonald's playground.

As were walking along St Georges Terrace we came upon this great year on the walkway, and can I just say what a ripper year that was. Some great people were born on that year like...  Daniel Craig, Patsy Kensit, Tony Hawk, the singing budgie Kylie Minogue, Colin McRae, Gillian Anderson, Eric Bana, Mika Häkkinen, Céline Dion, Naomi Watts, Owen Wilson, Mark Geyer, Will Smith, Hugh Jackman and of cause Yours truly!!!  
We also came upon this little sculpture of a bloke walking along St George Terrace just outside St Martins Building, the sculpture symbolizes the businessman who have built this thriving city... now this one makes sense not like some bloody green cactus!

Then we came to St Georges Cathedral which as you can see is a ripper church with... you got it a new sculpture! and guess what it's a real beaut one... no green in sight! And this one came in at half a million (a lot better) and it makes sence when the artist talks about it:'it is a bold abstraction in steel and chrome, with the knight's billowing cloak wrapped around a thrusting lance that rises out of a base of black granite, symbolising the slain dragon.'
So seeing as were here we might just have a gander inside this ripper old church, it was built in 1888 so in English terms it's just a baby but in aussie terms it's pretty old.
Now it was time for our picnic so we headed over to the Government House gardens, where we took this photo with Sarah with some Harrypoppies in the background.
 Now where's that little fella....

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And before our trip back home we headed up the hill to have a gander at the work which was done to another church in Perth, yes it's the St Marys Catholic Cathedral. As you can see they made all the major renovations on the left side, and some side work on the right. And really I reckon there done a ripper job... thumbs up for a beaut job boys! And that was our trip into Perth for another year, it might be time for the other kiddies to have there chance next.

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