Saturday, July 7, 2012

Beach trip to Freo

Well the sun was out and I had a Saturday off so why not hit the beach, so I grabbed three shark biscuits and headed for a trip to Fremantle Port. As you can see I had Sarah, Oscar and Harrison with me, and we had a gander at some tugboats in the Port city.

Bloody Oscar you can dress him up, but you can't take him anywhere!

Baby TugSarah with little fella TugHarry with old fella Tugboat behind them.

Some wharf street art.... now I'm not into graffiti but this is what yours truly reckons is real BEAUT! My sort of Art.

And here's another that was sprayed on the dockwalls of an old abandoned building at the wharf, sorry but I still like this stuff.

 Then it was time to hit the beach and here's the big Osk showing us the sand, he's getting better at the waters edge... when there's no waves!

Oh okay even when there's not even a sight of a wave he's on his bike! Poor little fella.

And as yours truly was just sitting back watching out for sharks I noticed a little boat out the back, it turned out to be the tall ship Leeuwin. What a ripper ship hay so I told the little ones it was a pirate ship! Which got a real good reception until I told them about the killing and pillaging that pirates do, so from that moment on they swam with one eye on the water and one eye on that pirate ship! ha,ha sometimes it's fun being the old one.

 What a ripper tall ship.

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