Sunday, December 9, 2012

Boral Midland brick Christmas Party '12

Well it is Christmas time again and that means to me.... well an empty wallet! ha but it also means our work Christmas Party comes around again, and this year it was off to the Claremont showgrounds for the Boral bricks Christmas Party.

Here is Oscar, Harrison and Notso little fella Chase having a go on the flying cars.

Then the misses, Chase, Harrison and Oscar had a ride on the most scariest rollercoaster the world has ever seen...

Well it was for Oscar! Have a gander at that face ha,ha Poor little Osk!

 'Now that's a Roller coaster' and there was no chance of getting Oscar to even look at that one, as Oscar himself said 'nnnooooo'. But on the other hand Harrison was very let down as he was just a little bit under an inch in high, and even with the misses talking to the operator he couldn't get a go. So he had to hang with me as Tania and Jacko hit the heights of The Python, as Jacko said 'It was okay' crikey it's hard to please kiddies these days.

Then Jacko had a few rides on this seat riding thingy which he loved 'Now that's better dad'

Sarah with her face painted before hitting the bouncy castles behind her.

Chase in his element! There's two things that little 'Notso' loves... one is doing everything at once like jumping, climbing, sliding, running and hurting himself. And the other is Eating!

Talking about the eating side of things here he is hunting for lollies in his showbag, and you would be surprised how many he found in sarah's showbag!

Well we found Oscar's favorite ride... The Ghost Train, yep he even had a go by himself. He went fore times on that ride seeing that work paid for all the rides, I told him he could knock his socks off.

Then Jacko Sarah and Harrison hit the Dodgem cars and as you can see Jacko drives just like his mum!

You just can't imagine how hard it was for the Osk to lift that hand for a wave... ha,ha poor little sod he just wasn't made for these things that go up in the air. On the other hand his younger brother Chase is like.... well is that it?

Then me Harrison and Jacko had a go on the 'Simulator' where we ride along a train track through a mine in a Volcano, which was pretty cool or as Harrison said 'Wicked Dad' or as Jacko said 'oh Okay'.

Then it was time for a feed and say G'day to the fat fella with the presents (and no Jodi that wasn't me!) it was the big fella himself Santa, and as you can see there still got a soft spot for the hairy man.

On walkabout through the Christmas show.

And that was the end of a ripper day at the Christmas show and we were totally stuffed by the end of it, we started at 11 o'clock and fairdinkum it was 35 in the shade by the time we came to 5. I reckon I couldn't of walked another hour but we might of gotten another one out of the kids...well the little buggers were on a sugar high hay.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Avon Descent '12

Well it was Avon Descent time again and this years event had one of the lowest water levels on record, so the drivers had to work a fair bit harder this time.

It's always hard for yours truly to not only get up out of a warm bed at sparrows fart (on a day off), but also to wake up five little bushrats who otherwise would of snored their boxes off. But it was Avon day and the best view of the boaties going by is in the morning, at a little weir just outside Toodyay. So after waking up the mob with some Weet-bixs we poped into the Tarago, and set of towards the mountains.

Some people might look okay in the morning but I'm not one of them, then again I'm not that photogenic in the bloody light of day either! But luckily for Sarah she has her mothers looks, and is all ready for a day of boat racing on the Swan.

 As we park the van on Campbell Chase we walk along the Swan river path towards the weir, as we walk we watch some of the early starters flying along the river.

As they hit the bush weir they either hit it full on and slide down the rocks, which sometimes works! but most times they come to an almighty stop and go flying down the rocks, which is actually really funny to watch ha,ha. But most boats stop and get out and slide their craft down the rocks, that's what is happening with these two.

These fellas did the big hit and well broke their propeller which was great for us, but not so great for them as they have to replace it. It's a pity my car mechanic couldn't work this fast, as it takes them about a minute to replace the part and head off again.

This is them getting going again...

The Mob.

 Sarah complaining about tucker time don't these little rats ever stop bloody eating.

When it works!

As you can see it's a bit cold here today as the kiddies are rugged up, but it's now time to go for a walk back along the path so we can head into Toodyay for their Party day.

As we walk along the path we watched some more boats shoot by, along this straight part of the river they racing along pretty fast.

But all good times have to come to an end and this was the end of the path for us, here we jump into the Tarago and head into Toodyay for their Community Avon River day Party. But your's truly forgot the friggin' camera, which was about two kilometers back in the van... so unfortunately no more photos (I'm not friggin' walking that far back for it) But it was a ripper day and I know the kiddies had a ball.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Beach trip to Freo

Well the sun was out and I had a Saturday off so why not hit the beach, so I grabbed three shark biscuits and headed for a trip to Fremantle Port. As you can see I had Sarah, Oscar and Harrison with me, and we had a gander at some tugboats in the Port city.

Bloody Oscar you can dress him up, but you can't take him anywhere!

Baby TugSarah with little fella TugHarry with old fella Tugboat behind them.

Some wharf street art.... now I'm not into graffiti but this is what yours truly reckons is real BEAUT! My sort of Art.

And here's another that was sprayed on the dockwalls of an old abandoned building at the wharf, sorry but I still like this stuff.

 Then it was time to hit the beach and here's the big Osk showing us the sand, he's getting better at the waters edge... when there's no waves!

Oh okay even when there's not even a sight of a wave he's on his bike! Poor little fella.

And as yours truly was just sitting back watching out for sharks I noticed a little boat out the back, it turned out to be the tall ship Leeuwin. What a ripper ship hay so I told the little ones it was a pirate ship! Which got a real good reception until I told them about the killing and pillaging that pirates do, so from that moment on they swam with one eye on the water and one eye on that pirate ship! ha,ha sometimes it's fun being the old one.

 What a ripper tall ship.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Trip to Perth town

So seeing it has been awhile since we had a little trip into Perth city, I got hold of three of the ratbags and caught a train into the big smoke.

So on this trip I had the great pleasure of having the older ratbags, as you can see it was Harrison, Jacko and Sarah. And in the background of the photo you can see the Green Cactus which is one of Perth's new sculptures, and it comes with a nice price tag of $1 million!!! Fairdinkum I'm not joking here. When the pollies were asked why? there answer was...'yes but the price comes with design, construction and installation!' Well thank God for that! Another nick name for it is the 'Angus Alien', but fairdinkum I reckon it would look better at a McDonald's playground.

As were walking along St Georges Terrace we came upon this great year on the walkway, and can I just say what a ripper year that was. Some great people were born on that year like...  Daniel Craig, Patsy Kensit, Tony Hawk, the singing budgie Kylie Minogue, Colin McRae, Gillian Anderson, Eric Bana, Mika Häkkinen, Céline Dion, Naomi Watts, Owen Wilson, Mark Geyer, Will Smith, Hugh Jackman and of cause Yours truly!!!  
We also came upon this little sculpture of a bloke walking along St George Terrace just outside St Martins Building, the sculpture symbolizes the businessman who have built this thriving city... now this one makes sense not like some bloody green cactus!

Then we came to St Georges Cathedral which as you can see is a ripper church with... you got it a new sculpture! and guess what it's a real beaut one... no green in sight! And this one came in at half a million (a lot better) and it makes sence when the artist talks about it:'it is a bold abstraction in steel and chrome, with the knight's billowing cloak wrapped around a thrusting lance that rises out of a base of black granite, symbolising the slain dragon.'
So seeing as were here we might just have a gander inside this ripper old church, it was built in 1888 so in English terms it's just a baby but in aussie terms it's pretty old.
Now it was time for our picnic so we headed over to the Government House gardens, where we took this photo with Sarah with some Harrypoppies in the background.
 Now where's that little fella....

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And before our trip back home we headed up the hill to have a gander at the work which was done to another church in Perth, yes it's the St Marys Catholic Cathedral. As you can see they made all the major renovations on the left side, and some side work on the right. And really I reckon there done a ripper job... thumbs up for a beaut job boys! And that was our trip into Perth for another year, it might be time for the other kiddies to have there chance next.